Trickster Jane
DottCosplay Commissions is a small buisness local to the Atlanta area, run by Emma Hargrave. Emma has been cosplaying for six years and has been sewing for thirteen.
Ever since she was young, Emma has loved dressing up in costumes. Halloween has been her favorite holiday for as long as she can remember. She has been dressing up as cartoon characters for over a decade, her first "cosplay" being Aelita from Code Lyoko when she was ten. As Emma has matured, she's experimented with different methods of crafting and construction of costumes, advancing her skills in fabrication and tailoring.

Emma attended her first Dragon Con in 2010 with much prodding from her dad and has only expanded her con repetoir since then. She regularly attends Dragon Con, Momocon, Anime Weekend Atlanta, and RTX. She hopes to soon add Colossal Con, Pax South, and Katsucon to her list of annual conventions.

When Emma's friends began asking her for help with costumes, she realized that she could monetize her hobby and help spread the joy that costuming brings her. If she could sew and make costume peices all day without consequence, she would.

The way I price things is by hours of labor. I work for 20 dollars an hour, plus materials and shipping. I'm more than happy to do payment plans and I actually encourage it! If you would like something special done with your cosplay like automation or lights, please let me know! I have a degree in Computer Science and try to make all of my costumes that I can as tech-y as possible.

I am happy to make you an estimate free of charge. I make all of my estimates through Google Sheets so that you can see an itemized list of materials and exactly what you are paying for. After I have delivered the estimate, we can discuss changes. Once you have okayed the estimate, I require a deposit and the cost of materials before I will start work on your costume.
A gallery of my work, both costumes made for other people and for myself.

Fairy Tale

Pokemon Sun/Moon
River Song
Doctor Who
Adventure Zelda
TLoZ: Breath of the Wild
Ember Island Players Toph
Avatar The Last Airbender
The Little Mermaid
Jesse McCree's Poncho
Fairy Tale

Personal Work

Jane Crocker
Wendy Corduroy
Gravity Falls
Mako Mankanshoku
Kill La Kill
Mad Queen Ryan
Achievement Hunter
Claudia Donovan
Warehouse 13
River Song
Doctor Who
Rose Lalonde
Don't Starve
Thrilling Intent
Con List
If you'd like to contact me, please
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You can also check out my facebook page! I will post work in progress
photos there and photos I take at conventions with my friends!